Beat Cook up v.2 Smoke session

whats gud i finally had the time to upload another live cook  up video of me making a beat. Its a little longer than the first. I just want to showcase my music producing talent with you all. . I plan to keep making more videos of me producing in the studio.I would appreciate any feedback you can provide. I also can produce for artist if they are looking to work with a producer on a upcoming project. I’m also in the making of my own project i will release with a few music artist I fucks with. This project will be on most streaming sites like apple music, Spotify, and google play.

Tru Akil Smoke session v.1 Beat Making

Whats gud just decided to record me cooking a beat in the studio. I think i’m a do a few more videos of me producing beats in the studio.

New Song My Queen With Princess Kemz

New Song!! My Queen Produced by Tru Akil

This new song produced by tru Akil and performed By Princess Kemz is titled My Queen. This song  is about kemz queen her mother. Kemz is a female artist from london, UK. That makes this track Tru Akil’s first international record. kemz vocal were A one and complimented by her great lyrics and delivery. Tru’s beat and kemz lyrics combined to make a great song. Also this from her upcoming album buzz!!

Mixtober 28Th on the Way!!!

Tru Akil’s 1st Dj Mix

Well this came about by Tru Akil playing with his DJ Turntables. Then Tru stumbled over the feature that allowed him to record his mixing as he was doing them. While him and Pk was kicking back. And here is the promo video with Clip from Mixtober…

Also, it Will be available to download!!



New Song from gata produced by Tru Akil. This track is features heavy bass and positive raps about a change we need. Check out the track below. The first verse is done by Gata and the second by Tru Akil.

Stakk, J Duce, Killa – Real Niggaz ( Tru Akil)

New Music From Long money music Produced By Tru Akil!!

New Rap music Whip Game(prod. by Tru Akil)


New rap music about having fun driving your car Tru Akil whip game Produced and performed by Tru Akil!!!! Artists want to work with Tru Akil Contact him via Email or through the contact me page. Its from his upcoming mixtape  Ground Zero releasing late July with featuring artists Frank Willis, Frank Dolla, & Ga Boi.

Blue Skies n bodies ft. J Frank & Gator

Honorable C Note


Got to meet the Honorable C Note. He cool AF!

Da Drop Freestyle (prod. by Tru Akil) -Ga Boi

A Quick freestyle from ga boi over a Tru Akil beat

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