About Tru Akil

Tru Akil was born December 11, 1990 in Thomaston, Ga. He was always surrounded by music growing up. Thanks to his father for turning him on to great music. They would sit and listen to music for hours. They listened to oldies, rnb, blues, jazz, and hip-hop. Then Tru joined the middle school band in the sixth grade.

It sparked his interest in creating music, so he began to make beats and songs while he was away from school. Tru also did a few shows here and there with other local artists & Dj’s. That’s where it all began he could never let making music go.  No matter how much he tried he was addicted.

Then after Tru Akil tried college and came home got a job he began to take music seriously not as a hobby any more and set up his studio. Then one of Tru’s Songs Foulout was placed on The Facebook Networking Vol.1 mixtape by aces beats. Also he began to study more deeply about music production, djing and the Music Business. Then in 2015 Tru released Whip Game which was produced and performed by Tru landed on Broke2Dope blog. Which brings him where he is now, building his career one step at a time.


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